About Us

 Company History


The Company has been trading as SC Technical Services since 1987 and was founded by Bryan (Syd) Henshaw.

Partnership was established in 2002 with Graham Henshaw. Graham has worked for the Company since 1992. Collectively we have some 54years experience in the Battery Industry. Company Name changed to S&G Technical Services Limited on 1st November 2011


We pride ourselves on offering a 1st Class Service to our many longstanding clients.



About Us


We specialise in providing solutions to Organisations who rely upon Standby Power to keep processes and essential electricity supplies, operational at all times.


We have a wealth of experience associated with Nickel Cadmium and Lead Acid Batteries of all types.


We specialise in Marine Applications, UPS and Industrial Safety Systems.


We now also supply VRLA (Valve regulated lead acid)  batteries for Leisure, Mobility and Alarm Applications.


We provide the following services:

·        Sales of all types of batteries.

·        Supply, installation and commissioning of batteries and associated systems.

·        Load testing  and Impedance testing of UPS batteries.

·        Replacement batteries for UPS systems

·        Inspection and maintenance contracts undertaken.

 S&G Technical Services Limited ...commitment to quality, service, and satisfaction.

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